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My writing journey really began before I was a teenager, writing song lyrics and poetry. As far as writing books and becoming a published author, that wasn't until much later in my life, in my late forties to be exact! I never thought I'd be writing books and to get them published, what a blessing it has been. Which goes to show you, that no matter where you are in your life, dreams can become realities and unexpected blessings do happen. 



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  What Readers Are Saying

CL Reddon - Author, Speaker & Music Consultant 

"I am so excited! My copy of Paulette Jackson's book, "My Test(Imony)", arrived today. So, on this beautiful Sunday, I am going to read her unique story, rich with valuable life principles and pointed notes of inspiration. 

I would encourage each of you to purchase your copy TODAY also. Likewise, Paulette has other titles available as well. PJ, thank you for your transparency and honesty. We need more people like you in this world to share their stories.  It's a blessing for sure."

Marneen Lynne Fields - Award-Winning Script Writer, ASCAP Composer & SAG Actress

"I thoroughly enjoyed reading Paulette C. Jackson's "My Test(Imony)"! It inspired me with its beauty and faith in God. Paulette leads the reader on a journey to find God's purpose for their lives, and discusses how important it is for everyone to use their talents and gifts.."

More to Come!

More to Come!

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